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Album: Jou Medemens is Dood

Released: August 1999

Jou Medemens is Dood album cover

  1. Augustus
  2. The Highveld
  3. Die Volk (Is In Die Kak)
  4. Who’s Your Memory
  5. Dink Harder
  6. Dink Harder (Original Demo)

Tracklist / Lyrics


The Buckfever Underground's debut album (an EP) was recorded in Grahamstown, South Africa, in June 1999.

Alle songs kopiereg The Buckfever Underground. Woorde: Toast Coetzer. Musiek: Gilad Hockman. Additional drumbeats on track 3: Double E . Live drumming on track 4: Jon Savage. Recording Engineer: Corinne Cooper. Produced by: The Buckfever Underground and Cooper. Mastered by Cesar de Almeida. Recorded in Corinne's Studio, in ledige ure in Junie 1999, Grahamstown. Published by Bastard Revolution Speeches. Sleeve design and photography: Toast. The Buckfever Underground is, min of meer: Gilad Hockman (all guitars, tunes, smirking) and Toast Coetzer (kakpratery, radio, tapes). Jon Savage is the third Buck.