The Buckfever Underground is a South African spoken-word band that plays free-form improvised jazz-rock / post-rock. We perform poetry in English and Afrikaans with experimental music.

“Good band, that Buckfever Underground… not a lot of people know that.” – Richard Haslop

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Our new album, Voortvlugtend, is actually an old album recorded back in November 2013, but, it took us some time to get it out and ready! Better late than never, right…

It features the full 5-member band line-up of that era: Gilad Hockman, Jon Savage, Righard Kapp, Toast Coetzer and Stephen Timm.

You can download it from Bandcamp here or email us on if you’d like to order a CD-R copy. The album is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer and other streaming and download services.


Our 6-track EP, Satelliet, is available as a digital album and as hardcopy.

Praise for Satelliet:

“‘The Buckfever Underground’ have created a work of art that may leave you feeling strong and somewhat mellow, wallowing in the calm after entertaining the demands of chaos.”

– Jodie Reid, Underground Press

Read the review here.

During lockdown in 2020, we recorded this album together without being in the same room. We sent recordings to each other and then mixed them together as full tracks. Listen to it here.

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Stellenbosch show in 2019