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Album: Satelliet EP

Released: December 2020

Satelliet EP album cover


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The inspiration for the six tracks on this EP was the lo-fi recordings guitarist Michael Currin shared on the band’s WhatsApp group during 2020’s Covid lockdown. Toast Coetzer added vocals to some of the tracks and Stephen Timm added the finishing touches.

We hope you enjoy the music!

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Tracklist / Lyrics

  1. Satelliet
  2. My Geheim Aan Jou
  3. The News
  4. Ice Pyramid
  5. Een Oog
  6. The Valley of Dancing Stones


All songs (c) The Buckfever Underground, 2020. Lyrics by Toast Coetzer. All music by The Buckfever Underground.

Published by The Buckfever Underground. Mixed and mastered by Stephen Timm. Cover design by Alice Inggs, photo by Toast.

On this record, The Buckfever Underground are: Michael Currin (guitar), Stephen Timm (clavinova, field recordings) and Toast Coetzer (vocals, lyrics). Vocals and field recordings recorded on a Samsung S7 edge. Guitar recorded on Samsung Galaxy A10. Clavinola recorded by some kind of computer's sound card. Bier & Vryheid.