• Mick Raubenheimer (Daily Maverick) interview titled: "Disrupt, surprise, abhor – the role of art in our scroll-by world, according to Toast Coetzer"

    Original article on the Daily Maverick site here.

  • Satelliet review

    Jodie Reid gave a glowing review for latest EP album, Satelliet, on 16th April 2021. Read the original review here on Underground Press.

  • Jive Talking and Eyeballing interview

    The interview below is courtesy of Ernesto Garcia Marques. Originally published on his Facebook page “Jive Talking and Eyeballing” on 7 April 2021. Follow Ernie’s page here.

  • Wellington show review

    Review link - Toast rig ’n gemaskerde satelliet op Roof en (Or)Wellington by Izak de Vries.

  • Last Days of Beautiful

    Onlangse Buckfever Underground ’n sterk uitreiking June 2020. Willem de Vries reviewed our album on litnet.co.za.

  • Verkeerdevlei album press

    • Rolling Stone Nov 2012. Verkeerdevlei review by Rolling Stone editor Miles Keylock. 4 stars.
    • Grocott’s Mail Dec 2012. Verkeerdevlei review and interview. By Kayla Roux. “… ‘n verontrustigende kombinasie van musiek en digkuns.”
    • Obrigado Magazine Oct 2012. Verkeerdevlei review by Max Barashenkov. “…Verkeerdevlei is undoubtedly one of this year’s most interesting local albums.”
    • Die Burger Aug 2012. Verkeerdevlei album review. Pieter Redelinghuys gave it 5 stars. “Die inhoud is opreg, by uitstek oorspronklik en bowenal verruklik mooi.”
    • Mail & Guardian Aug 2012. Lloyd Gedye wrote a review of our album launch shows at The Fugard Studio. “It was punk performance art. It was chaos wrapped in a song.”
    • Litnet Sept 2012. Henry Cloete interview vir Toast.

  • Toast a cult band that works magic

    Mail & Guardian 28 October 2011. Four Buckfever Underground gigs in four nights. Lloyd Gedye joins the punk-poetry band as they warm up for a stint in the studio.

  • SAVES album press

    • Sunday Times January 2008. By Steven van Hemert.
    • 24.com November 2007. Steven van Hemert.
    • Woodstock Slim 2007. Clive E Smith.
    • Empire November 2007. Fred de Vries.
    • levi.co.za October 2007. Jon Monsoon.
    • Blunt Magazine October 2007. Craig McKune.
    • Beeld September 2007. The Buckfever het ’n plan, deur Danie Marais.
    • SL Magazine October 2007. Daniel Freedman.
    • jhblive.com October 2007. Jon Monsoon.
    • The Weekender September 2007. Charles Leonard.
    • The Weekender October 2007. Joburg-based Dutch journo Fred de Vries wrote a profile on Toast for the weekend version of Business Day. It’s about Buckfever, Ons Klyntji, referendums, the past, Barney Simon and all sorts of stuff. The printed version was slightly edited, and they botched the last sentence, so you can read Fred’s original piece here.
    • JIP / Die Burger Oktober 2007. Le Roux Schoeman het ons gig kom kyk in Durbanville op 26 September by die Kunskafee en het iets moois geskryf (lees dit eerder hier as om op die link te click, want dis moeilik om te kry, versteek in ‘n Van Coke Kartel blog) en ‘n great video clip gemaak met deel van ons performance en interview op.
    • litnet.co.za November 2007. Riana Wiechers het ons gig op 26 September in Durbanville bygwoon en hierdie gawe review/ interview geskryf.
    • Die Burger Oktober 2007. Mariana Malan het met Toast en Gil gepraat oor die insluiting van ‘Die Volk’ in ‘n Nederlandse radiostasie se Top 100 Protes-liedjies van alle tye. Dit is, kry julle woordeboeke gereed, “‘n lied van ontgogeling”. Die foto is deur Julia Merrit.
    • Rapport September 2007. Rapport het dit egter eerste gewaar. Karin Burger berig oor ‘Die Volk’ as die Top 100 Protes-liedjie. Die foto in die koerant was Inge Prins s’n.
    • MK89 Oktober 2007. MK se web-man Tertius Kapp het vir Toast ge-interview oor die Top 100 Protes-liedjie. Hoe voel ons? “Prettig.” The link contains a strange sheep photograph taken by Ruan Kemp, wat dit als die moeite werd maak.
    • iafrica October 2007. It’s not much, but the folk at iafrica seem to be receiving our press releases and have shown good form by putting them in slightly edited form on their website. Which is the way we like our journalism to be done around here. Then again, it could be our friend Rich who did us a favour, because he works there. So we say thanks, Rich (trivia: Rich actually produced our very first recording, ‘Dink Harder’, back in 1998 - we have a lot to thank him for).
    • isolation.tv September 2007. Write-up by Lloyd Gedye from Mail & Guardian. It was in the paper too, but they made a few subbing errors and the original, correct article appears on Lloyd’s very kiff site. The band photograph is by Inge Prins.

  • Limbs Gone Batty album press

    • Beeld / Die Burger Augustus 2009. Danie Marais wrote a lekker review of our live album, comparing the musos to “explorers of old”.
    • Mail & Guardian July 2009. Lloyd Gedye did a combo-review of Limbs Gone Batty, as well as Righard Kapp’s solo album Strung Like A Compound Eye and Stephen Timm’s second electronic album under his Myrid Ambre moniker.
    • iafrica.com June 2009. Nils van der Linden interviewed Toast in the lead-up to the release of Limbs Gone Batty. The result? Something like: “The ‘vibe’ of a time and place can glue the emotion in place just fine.” Say what?

  • Art Throb

    artthrob.co.za August 2004. Writer & DJ Julian Jonker talks about Buckfever as part of the Cape Town spoken word scene.

  • Interviews

    • litnet.co.za Julie 2006. Onderhoud met Toast deur Katvrou op Litnet. Link no longer valid
    • watkykjy.co.za Maart 2005. Interview deur Chopper Charlie homself. Link no longer valid
    • jhblive.com Done March 2005 at the Shack, Cape Town. Interview by Fabrizia “Fabz” Degli Esposti. Link no longer valid
    • capetowntoday.co.za Dates from 2003, done via email with the separate band members.
    • musica.co.za 2004. Interview by Paul Wessels. Link no longer valid

  • TAFL album reviews

    The Star, Shape Magazine, Mail&Guardian, Huisgenoot, Die Burger / Citizen, Cape Argus Tonight selected print media reviews of TAFL.