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Jon Monsoon

October 2007

When it comes to best kept secrets in local music - The Buckfever Underground is perhaps Cape Town’s …er …best kept secret! Two years and some after actually completing this – their first full length album – it sees the light of day, and we are all so happy that we all shout yay!

Y’see TBFU is the type of band that one just doesn’t get to hear all that often. They inhabit this mythical position of a great South African band, that only select few people will ever have seen live. To get them you would have to own or at least track down (good luck!) one of their two other previous releases (Survival Is Personal and the live album Trying To Do Something About This Goddamn Terrible Bleak Winter.)

Saves then brings us eleven bits of underground spoken word and twisted musicality from the band comprising renowned poet, scribe and photo guy Toast Coetzer, Gilad Hockman, Jon Savage, Stephen Timm and Righard Kapp – all accomplished musos in their own rights but all of whom somehow feel most at home (we believe) in Buckfever. And right at home is where this album certainly belongs, glued to the inside of your hi-fi where it will be subject to repeat listening because that is the only way to capture the magic of this truly inspiring South African album that stands alone in its sheer inventiveness and scope. As a South African it is your duty to ensure that your music collection has this album in it. It is that good!