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Charles Leonard The Weekender

29 September 2007

Toast Coezter is one of our country’s finest travel writers. In his band Buckfever Underground, he has one of the best vehicles to mumble Breyten-Breytenbach-like sound-poems, half in Afrikaans, half in English, accompanied on BU’s first full-length album, Saves (self-released), by a bassist who sounds like Peter Hook circa Joy Division, a guitarist reminding me of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, a meandering organ like Jerry Harrison’s in the Modern Lovers and a drummer reminiscent of Velvet Underground’s Moe Tucker. This is truly original, experimental art rock that gives Bok van Blerk stereotypes about Afrikaans music the snotklap it deserves. – Charles Leonard.

We made Charles’s enormous Top 100 list for the year 2007.