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Album: Survival Is Personal

Released: June 2001

Survival Is Personal album cover

  1. The Way Of The Noodle
  2. The Antiboxer
  3. Don’t Go On Holiday
  4. Teen Maandag Is Ons Dood
  5. Liewe Jesus Speel Kaart
  6. Email From England
  7. Paasnaweek-Lentesneeu

Tracklist / Lyrics


The Buckfever Underground's second album/EP (unreleased demo's and works in progress) credits

The Buckfever Underground is: Gilad Hockman, Jon Savage, Toast Coetzer and Double E. Opgeneem in Corinne's Studio gedurende boring dae in 1999 and 2000. Produced by The Buckfever Underground en Corinne Cooper. Engineered by Cooper. Mastered by Non-one, sorry. Alle Lirieke (C) Toast Coetzer behalwe track 6 (C) Coetzer/Hockman. Alle musiek The Buckfever Underground (C) 1999-2000. Published by Bastard Revolution Speeches. Guest Musicians/voices on this record include Nikolai, Gareth Walwyn, Corinne's sister's little kid. Di and Sean. And whoever else feels guilty by association. Tracks 6 & 7 contain extremely small snippets of Cornershop's 'Candyman' which in turn contains elements of a Larry Corryel track. Which just goes to show. The TV snippets on track 6 are completely random - some're from Love Boat, some CNN, some Isabel Jones and assorted SABC and e-tv channels one afternoon over lunchtime. Any other radio snippets, recordings and things are completely random, recorded live without any pre-planning. Track 2 bevat actual klank van motorbikes tydens die 500cc race in Welkom se GP2000. Enigiets anders wat na plagiaat klink is tien teen een waar. Brand hulle, bier en vryheid.

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