Track 01: Who cares (not us)

Album: TAFL - Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language

Next 02: Oom willem strikes back


wake up in the morning’s tide, sex on the blink, the alarms in sync, stuff outside my window, it’s got to be birds, sounds like birds, dog’s sniffing at the backdoor, wants to go for a walk, garbage trucks, dragging bags, get in the kitchen, get some cereal, more Weet-Bix, i need my Bokomo, I need fibre. kiss the kids goodbye, there they go, all snot and clothes, what do they do in school, what do the people teach them there? what’s wrong with them? who cares? not us.
brush your teeth with Aquafresh 4, all those colours in one tube, how do they do that? grab the wife by the throat, kiss goodbye, bravely into the traffic, 7:15 heavy fog on the M3, intersections are clogged, Hospital Bend, who are those people, and do they really bank at Nedbank? who cares? not us.
7:55 parking bay, beggars on the lurk for a tip for the day, get to your building with the thick, blue carpets, security guard and entrance card, swipe here, press there, goodmorning sir. what do they do? who do they protect? who are paying these people? who cares? it’s not us. wie gee om? not us, nie ons nie.
up the lift, floor 17, sliding doors, smiling secretary, swallowing something, heaving chest, don’t do that, that’s dangerous – ooh, that’s nice, mmm, anyway, a minute past eight, into your office, cubicle, personal space, who cares? not us?
sometime past 11, tea and stuff, one the park bench, pigeon crap, old, grey sky, eat a burger, chow a cow, eat some of those fumes, who cares? who cares?