Track 06: Blood red land

Album: TAFL - Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language

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you know, this land, the good, the bad, the maribous, the storks, mosquitoes and dogs and the chain of food through the mountains and valleys (?) and parks, the wind and the dust and rust can blow and blast the beat, the bomb, the weather, the towns are gone, rwanda, burundi, botswana, the congo, ghana, niger, morocco, mozambique and zim, kenya, cameroon, angola and nam, disease, the grease, release, the power, the priests, the past, the hurt, the rain to heal and the will to live, to steal, to kill, to take, to keep, forgive and move on, again, the maize, the sweat, the stains, the rain and the hungry child, the tender moon and the tilled soil, corrupt and barren, governments, corruption and the guns and the blood and the oil and the diamonds, the orchards and fields and the white cattle egret against the sky, watch the lightning crackling over the hills of the blood red land with the hate and the love go on go on go on, it stops at a wall, a bullet-hole and the wind alone through an empty room and the child with train tickets to the see to be happy for once in his life once in his life in the blood red land in the blood red land.