Track 10: The incredible rhyme animal

Album: Walk Fast, Whistle

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if you are the incredible rhyme animal
like chuck d or a honey bee
on a mole hill by the sawmill
or on a thermal on a sunnyday
or a saturday or a monday
like a monkey on a donkey
with a palm frond
as a hat, man

then the pace changes and the bass picks up
and the bass picks bait from the mouth of the pup
of a polar bear with a fleece for a coat
all afloat in a boat – stick your hands up
for the little mongoose in the pocket of the coat
and the fox in the box with the icefloe mice
the ferret called Merryl and Beryl the hare
and remember our guy with the rhyme and the time
that fishy little slime of a frog on a dime
now’s he croaking a joke about the yoke of a yak
and the sorry little sssss of the serpent’s sis
and the civet’s scat at the back of the batcave
back to the front gave poor otomys
the hippo hippo shake and the
r h i n o c e r o u s
is hard to spell but easy to kill
you can tell by the trail of the unborn horns
there’s a hornbill howling like a baby tonight
like a baby tonight like a baby tonight
for the elephant’s tusk and the musk deer’s musk
and the trophied face and eternal snarl
of a lion on the wall and the horns of hell
of the folding legs of the dagha boy’s death
the panda’s bum on an abalone shell
with dodo drumstick on the breath
and the final spots of a leopard that fell
by the feet of a gun at the soul of a man

and then

if you could still be the remaining incredible
invincible rhyme animal
you could go all
stop-start stop-start
like a four-toed sloth
or elephant shrew
or a lonely gnu
in a stew or a broth
on the stove top now
there’s a cow in a pot
on the plot you got sheep
and chickens in a coop
but the rat in the cage
is you in your sleep