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Album: Walk Fast, Whistle

Released: July 2013

Tracklist / Lyrics

  1. January
  2. Walk fast, whistle
  3. This one goes out to
  4. Noname feniks
  5. Republiek
  6. Lawrence Mandipazano
  7. Restless blues
  8. 16 Junie
  9. All the loves
  10. The incredible rhyme animal
  11. The last days of beautiful
  12. Who's the man?
  13. Deathland
  14. Driebeen
  15. Amen
  16. Walk fast, whistle (reprise)


Recorded on Sunday 7 July 2013 at Pocket Love Studios, Cape Town, by Jon Savage.

Vocals and lyrics: Toast Coetzer. Drums, some synths and other stuff: Stephen Timm. Keyboard, field recordings, guitar, mixing etc.: Jon Savage. Jane Breetzke does backing vocals.

Everyone ate chicken burgers. The dogs watched hungrily. Toast, Stephen and Jon are three members of The Buckfever Underground. The other members are Righard Kapp and Gilad Hockman. This album is an inbetweener.