Sorry if it seems like we’ve been sitting around doing nothing, but it’s not entirely true. Gil’s been distracted with booking big acts like Rodriguez and K’s Choice (all big sold out gigs in recent weeks) and having two of our favourite performers, Chris Letcher and Matthew van der Want, play and record live at the Armchair. It’s been so totally laerskool. Stephen has been off winning awards for small business journalism. At least, he’s been going to some fancy do’s where he could’ve won something. Righard has been playing solo gigs and with some of his cohorts. Just last night he and Morten cooked up such weird shit in the Armchair. All that guitar playing and then it’s actually hardly guitar playing. You have to see it. Current album names we are bandying about are:

African National Panasonic, This Is The Photograph I Was Meaning To Take, God Haat Jou (Whatever) and The Infidels Shall Inherit The Earth. We are still aiming for a release before the year is out. Mixing is taking longer than anticipated, but we believe it will be worth the wait (that’s what Gil says anyway).