Promises abound, yet our album’s completion is still held up. Reasons:

a) we are slapgat, b) our Anonymous Star Producer is feeling off-colour, c) Gil is - according to his bar staff - away in a town with “an Afrikaans name”, d) rain, e) some of the above. Half the album photography has been done though, which means it’s not like we haven’t been doing nothing/ anything neither/ either. You can see it below. Our champion friend, Inge Prins, did it. Styled by Gil, because he’s the only one of us with any style whatsoever.

Here are the polaroids. Come on, summer.

Our next gig is on the 23rd at the Armchair with Blk Jks and will be our last of the year. This is because Stephen is going to Brazil in search of lost relatives and fabled psychedelic drugs in the Amazon. We wish him luck. Our next gigs will probably only be by February or March 2007, by which time, if the album isn’t out, you can personally find me and beat me up (but only after you’ve beaten Gil up). Also, Steve’s other band, Polstar, is playing a gig at the Armchair Wednesday the 20th of September, also their last before Steve’s Really Big Haige Oddyssey, if that’s how you spell it.

On that note, even though it’s not available yet, Johann Botha from RSG listed “All You Need In Life Is A Soul” (he said ‘have’ instead of ‘need’ though, but that is also true) as one of his Top 10 South African songs in the new INSIG magazine (October 2006 edition). And also ‘TAFL’ under his top ten albums. Johann has had a copy of our unmastered pre-mixed album since about April and has regularly been playing it on his shows. En hiervoor se ons dankie.

Uiters goeie nuus is dat ‘Jou Medemens Is Dood’ weer beskikbaar is. Bestel nou hier. Al die Ons Klyntjis is egter uitverkoop, maar teen November sal die nuwe uitgawe beskikbaar wees - die launch sal 11 November by die Klein Libertas Teater in Stellenbosch gebeur, dis nou as als nie uitfok voor dan nie. Julle kan nog bydraes in enige taal en vorm aanstuur tot die einde van September na