Plenty of good news:

As far as we know, Stephen is alive and well in Brazil. If you see him along the way, give him a beer. Gil has ditched that other CD cover design we did the shoot for and is now coming up with some awesome stuff in his factory of dreams on top of the Armchair. Next door, Righard is churning out kiff posters. Jon sent word from Joburg that our album is finally mastered, so things are finally sort of happening.

Onthou, ‘Jou Medemens Is Dood’ is weer beskikbaar. Die nuwe Ons Klyntji (November 2006) is ook nou beskikbaar. It contains extracts from Stephen’s Brazilian diary. Bestel nou.

You can read one of Steve’s emails from Brazil below.

Sent: Friday, November 17, 2006 1:49 AM Subject: buckfever group email, guys

M’guys from the other side of the Atlantic…

I was just on our website, man it cracked me up. There’s some great shit on there. I was showing the site to this Brazilian girl that works in a hostel here, in Rio. There was even a pic of me ‘boggying’ at the wedding..really cracked me up. Unfortunately I was trying to play her our tunes, but I’m on one of those Apple things at the mo, ya excuse me. The other problem was that the files I have are saved as Window Media Player files, and the license thing on the them as expired meaning I have to download it from the internet, yo my own music!!?

Anyway thanks to cheap highspeed internet over here I’ll get it going soon.

Excuse the other-used question, but what’s happening with THE ALBUM?

Rio is fuckn hot, lank skanky, but with amazing scenery and weird granite rocks. The south of Brazil was overall pretty boring guys, not really that Brazilian (half-naked women, viby music and sultry nights).

I should be off to some drum and bass club in a moment. These people across the road are making weird noises, apparently it’s some kind of circus, but it sounds more like a strange kind of cult with all the chanting going on..

Anyweeey guy, send news, anything in English will be okay..

Stephen (Senor Stephen de Africa do Sul!)