Yes, we know. We know all about it. You can’t tell us any more than the plenty we already know. While you were away and we were away, we played a very nice gig at the Armchair which made us believe again. Soon, you’ll be able to click here to see some photos which our friend Sam Reinders took. If you click here UPDATE: link broken, you will find a video clip which Aryan Kaganof shot on his cellphone.

In short:

the album isn’t done yet; Jon is touring in Europe with Cassette; Righard has ‘left’ the band; Stephen is very much back from Brazil and would like a new job if you have any nice unused ones lying around the house; Gilad is with it; Toast is now The Manager; Zander Blom is designing our CD sleeve as we speak; and, would you believe it, a replica EP Mighty Elephants jersey costs R560 or so at the PE airport. Shouldn’t they be giving them away? I mean, I’m a supporter, but come on. Give a little.