Die opwinding is vir eers verby. Our Western Cape launches went well, ending with a great gig at the Armchair last week, when Jon could also join us for the first time in ages. It rocked like Toto.

We’ve been doing a lot of press lately, so check Press for recent interviews and album reviews. At the Armchair gig we had two TV crews - one shot for Pasella (SABC2) and another for Headwrap (SABC1). The Pasella shoot was more of a profile on Toast (I am writing about myself in the third person here, it is all a bit dumb) than the band, but they shot some footage during our soundcheck so maybe, on the 24th of October at 19:30 on SABC2, you will see 3 seconds of us jamming a bit. You never know.

The Headwrap thing is more involved and moer of a exciting. They do shows in which they bring artists/ bands/ musicians from very different fields or backgrounds or styles together and, in a ‘reality’ sort of show, force them to collaborate. We have been paired with the legendary Xhosa singer and folk musician Madosini. She came to our jam session last night and we met her for the first time. What a woman! She plays the uhadi and a couple of other traditional instruments - Righard tried his hand at them and couldn’t even generate a sound. We jammed together and it sounds like we could do something nice, something softer and cyclical, to click in with her style. Next week we are visiting her place in Langa and will see what comes out there - we will jam unplugged methinks. The possibility exists that we will do a show with her as outcome for the TV programme (broadcast date not yet confirmed, but late this year probably), so watch this space.

Le Roux Schoeman did a great interview/gig news clip for Die Burger which he shot at our Durbanville gig late in September.

UPDATE: All the links in this section are no longer valid. A while ago, we did a bit of deep googling of ourselves (a modern term for having an existential crisis? Maybe.) and discovered that a Dutch educational radio station called RVU had ‘Die Volk’ listed in their Club 100 Top Protest Songs of All Time. Click on the link and check, scroll down, we’re just below, you know, Bruce Springsteen. It landed us quite a bit of press, such as in Die Burger and also Rapport. Tertius Kapp from MK89 (or is it just MK now, now that they’re on channel five billion and something?) interviewed Toast about it.