Right, we have a very special gig coming up tomorrow night, the 6th (Armchair Theatre, 8pm sharp, R30 cover) when we are honoured to share the stage with the great Madosini. Madosini is a legend, her Xhosa traditional singing and musicianship unrivalled.

Hailed as the ‘Queen of Xhosa Music’, Madosini Latozi Mpahleni is a traditional musician and storyteller from the rural Eastern Cape. She plays the umrhubhe (mouth bow), uhadi (berimbau) and isitolotolo (Jew’s harp). Currently living in Langa, Cape Town, we were put in touch with Madosini via the production team behind the SABC1 TV series Headwrap. For the past month (see the post below too), they’ve been filming our meetings with Madosini, jamming together etc. The gig on the 6th is the final event they are filming, the culmination of our collaboration and the key piece of the TV programme they will put together (this will be shown on TV later in the year, we’ll let you know when). Just come, it will be grand.

Keep an eye on gigs - after this our next show is the 4th of December at Durbanville Kunskafee. Bring julle vriende wat laaskeer so skaam was…

Fred de Vries (Empire magazine, Nov issue) wrote a grand review of Saves, go read it at Press.