Track 06: Ssh, Björk is in the house

Album: Verkeerdevlei

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ssh, shh, Björk is in the house frying eggs in the kitchen it’s a metaphor, I think, for birth stalled halfway Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is out on the porch

shooting clay pigeons at your heart Matthew van der Want is at his side with beers the bush is alive with the sounds of the world shh, shh, Björk is in the house a metallic smooth robot awash in milk Bonnie says: “Matthew, how about a glass, at last, at last, how about a glass?” my John Miles story has got a little detail that delivers a punch in the loving arms, loving arms so comes the dream to the daylight with dust left to collect by the ports of my eyes I awake like Loudon Wainwright the 3rd from the window stalls sunlight from the taps come the sea I hold you here, we’ll stay we’ll stay shh, shh, Björk is in the house