Our new album, which took a breezy 3 days to record back in 2005, but a painful 2 years to get out of our asses and onto the marketplace, is now available from gigs at R100 or online for a little bit more (the Post Office keeps on insisting that they have to charge for the wonderful service they provide). It is called The Buckfever Underground SAVES, and we intend to do just that, at least to Slovenia, and at least by the end of September. Album launch dates in the Western Cape are in September, check gigs, and also October.

Middelburg man
Middelburg man

Anyone who finds this man on the streets of Middelburg, Eastern Cape, and buys a wire windmill from him, and takes a photo to prove that it really happened, and sends said photo to us (info@toastcoetzer.com) before 2020 will win a free copy of our new album. Get cracking.

We also have a Facebook group these days, so if you go to Facebook, and press a button you will eventually find it and make 239 new friends you’ve never needed more than right now. We also have some myspace, god knows what it actually is, this whole myspace thing, but we have it and it is painted in our favourite colour too. We take it out for walks and it barks at other spaces. Fuck me. Go visit it and download a song you thief you. It comes when you whistle:

myspace.com/thebuckfeverunderground - UPDATE: link no longer valid

Besides being on our site at Music, our lyrics are also now up at lyricsmania.com.

Stephen has been editing and mixing a live album for us from a gig some months ago and we’ll probably soon put it up for sale here too. We might call it The Effects of Sonic Hedgehog on Young Bats or maybe Cranial Fractures Kick Ass. What do you think?