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Album: SAVES

Released: August 2007

SAVES album cover


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Tracklist / Lyrics

  1. Ek en jy
  2. All You Need In Life Is A Soul
  3. Psalms & Gesange
  4. when The Light Goes
  5. Lewenslied
  6. Die Woord
  7. Die Wortel Van Kwaad
  8. Want To Die On A Tuesday Afternoon
  9. Ons Maak Onsself Dood
  10. She
  11. This Is The Photograph I Was Meaning To Take


Recorded back in July 2005 at Sibebe Studios, Cape Town.

Features guest musicians Rayelle Goodman (violin), Jane Breetzke (piano, backing vocals) and Andre Spies (French horn).

Total running time: 48min and a few free seconds.

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