Track 02: All You Need In Life Is A Soul

Album: SAVES

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all you need in life is a soul
and i lost mine today
at the supermarket
as i was reaching for a sixpack
of yoghurt in the frozen food alley
it slipped through the shelves
i saw it go
i complained to the manager
he said sorry sir no refunds
and still had the nerve
to slap me 14% vat
on top of that
for my half full basket
of stuff to eat

yes all you need in life is a soul
and if you lose it to a girl
or to music or scenery
you shouldn’t expect to get it back
not just like that
unless you don’t mind it being
shot full of holes
tossed out a window
on a dirt road in the noorsveld
or just generally
lost, empty, wrung out, hollow,
sad, wandering the afternoon
like a headless guinea fowl
whose number is kept
by a sharp civet

yes all you need in life is a soul
and i wish i could play guitar properly
then i’ll show you how one can bleed
on the inside of your shirt
how your hunched up
body can unbutton and break
loose into the numbness
with faith blinded by gin
on the one side
the other side a gun a best friend
who just doesn’t care
what you do
who you are
just that
you are there