It’s kind of pointless apologising if you’re just talking to yourself but anyway: sorry for not updating here for so long. I could blame my service provider, I could blame the poor 3G at my last few abodes, I could blame the Olympic Games, potholes or the Simon’s Town baboon troop. But it was just me.

In 2010 South Africa hosted the Soccer World Cup. It was awesome. In 2011 Gil brought out a kiff solo album called ‘Too Early In The Journey’ (order it from him at And then we recorded a new album at Tim Rankin’s Teatime Studio in Brackenfell, Cape Town. We could only afford a weekend in there, but we managed to squeeze out 14-tracks (this was in October, short on the heels of a tour in Gauteng where we played some cool gigs with the Make Overs and Die See and Drikus Barnard and if I recall correctly even Kabous Verwoed made a cameo) which all made it onto the album - Verkeerdevlei.

Now it is 2012. Just 2 weeks ago we played in Joburg at The Bioscope with Brown Spiders and then we went to Oppikoppi, where we played a lekker show (albeit without Gil, who was down and out with a killer flu back in Joburg; also: Jon got lost and made it to the gig with minutes to spare - he’s pro like that).

Verkeerdevlei is out now and you can order it from me on - it will cost you R120. I’d say it’s worth it.