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Album: Last Days of Beautiful

Released: March 2019

Last Days of Beautiful album cover


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“Soos altyd is dit fassinerende werk wat die polsslag van die huidige Suid-Afrika feilloos weergee.” – Luc Renders

Stock of the CDs is limited. A book of the album’s lyrics is also available. The price for the CD with the book is R300.

Book of the album's lyrics
Book of the album's lyrics

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Tracklist / Lyrics

  1. January
  2. Pay Back The Money
  3. Ek Skryf Hierdie Vir Jou
  4. Sit Dit Af
  5. Walk Fast, Whistle
  6. All The Loves / Last Days Of Beautiful
  7. When I’m Gone / Wanneer Ek Weg Is
  8. Koedoes In Die Heelal
  9. Eating The Land


Recorded live by Dirk Hugo, July-September 2018. Tracks 2, 6 and 7 recorded live at McBains, Bainskloof. Tracks 4 and 8 recorded live at Darling Voorkamerfest. Tracks 1, 3, 5 and 9 ('Eating the Land') recorded live at The Alexander Bar & Theatre, Cape Town. Mixed by Dirk Hugo. Mastered by Simon Ratcliffe at Sound & Motion Studios, Cape Town.

All songs copyright of The Buckfever Underground, 2019. All words by Toast Coetzer. 'Eating the Land' originally written for 'Vehicle' by Gerhard Marx. All music by The Buckfever Underground. Published by The Buckfever Underground. Design by Alice. Photos by Toast.

On this record, The Buckfever Underground are: Toast Coetzer (vocals, lyrics), Stephen Timm (drums, synth) and Michael Currin (guitar). Thanks to Dirk for making this with us. Thanks to all our friends and fans for sticking around with us for 20 years. You can find traces of us on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram - Bier & Vryheid. Vir Drikus.